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Very Be CarefulExciting adventures have never been a task for Very Be Careful. Filled with a Caribbean soul and a California heart L.A.ʼs Vallenato veterans have sustained a decade of ceaseless touring around the world. Inciting fans without borders, and even some wild animals, to boogie and shake to the sounds of a Colombian coastal beat VBC break down barriers to good fun.

From the debauchery filled streets of Austinʼs SXSW to Germanyʼs World Cup Tour ʼ06; to the cultural pinnacles of Chicagoʼs Summer Dance Series to New Yorkʼs Central Park SummerStage and London’s Glastonbury Festival and Japan’s Fuji Rock and Silver Lakeʼs Sunset Junction Street Fair; from their den of dance in their hometown of Los Angeles to the the boroughs of New York Very Be Careful has hit them all and left em wanting more.

Bootlegged across Latin America, pumped in the clubs and on the radio around the globe, Very Be Careful forges ahead globetrotting alongside legends and anti-heros before them like Joe Strummer, Alfredo Gutierrez, Antibalas, CarlosVives, DubTrio, Grupo Niche, Kronos Quartet, Gogol Bordello.

Their infamous ten year traditions hosting old school “dances” for Valentineʼs Day, New Yearʼs Eve, Halloween and the legendary July 4th Brooklyn “Cumbia Under The Sparks” rooftop affair, has brought together people from around the globe itchinʼ for those early roots sounds that prove a stripped down Parranda is sometimes fiercer and funner, than a bleedinʼ riot.

The group was started in 1998 in LA by accordionist Ricardo Guzman and his bass playing brother Arturo. They were soon joined by Richard Panta on caja vallenata, Craig Martín on guacharaca, and Dante Ruiz on cow bell. They instantly became a party favorite among Cumbia aficionados and hipster revelers in both their hometown of LA and second home of New York, where their 4th of July shows have become legendary.

Over 7 full length releases including their latest, Escape Room (Barbès 2010), they have gone farther than most to not just capture the insane raw energy of their live shows but spread their love of deep roots dance music to the masses. These guys are not revivalists just plain old beatmakers.

Ricardo”Ricky G” Guzman – Accordion/ Vocals
Arturo “Brickems” Guzman – Bass
Richard “Mil Caras” Panta – Caja Vallenata
Craig “Peabody” Martín – Guacharaca
Dante “The Rip” Ruiz – Cowbell

Website: verybecareful.com
Facebook: verybecareful
Twitter: verybecareful

Paste Logo Paste Magazine – BAND OF THE WEEK
“VBC’s music carries with it a modus operandi inspired by the words of George Clinton: free your mind and your ass will follow…considering that a fair amount of its audience does not understand Spanish, the attraction to VBC is clear—the beat is undeniable.”
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Billboard Magazine
“Very Be Careful achieves an unselfconscious authenticity.”

“these boys always keep it old-school, even when they’re cooking up original, accordion-powered jams like “La Furgoneta.”

“The band has built a reputation as a high-energy, live act that injects punk rock bravado and indie appeal into their otherwise rollicking, danceable fusion. “

National Geographic – Feature Interview
“Their lively shows attract a range of devoted fans, young and old, Latino, and otherwise; embracing the festive spirit of Vallenato.”
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Amoeba Records
“Tales of regret and heartache are mixed with some real Vallenato burners, as if Nick Cave and Lisandro Meza made a record together…their audience stretches from immigrants to punkers, bike-riding hipsters, tias y moms, Ethnomusicologists, dancers and Soul & Hip-Hop heads”

LA Weekly LA Weekly
“will likely instigate small tornadoes of libidinous activity that will spread from the dancefloor to the bar into the parking lot and finally (hopefully) the backseat.”

Huff Post The Huffington Post
“These five Californians live in a world by and of themselves. A fun one to imagine and, at times like this, to step inside.”



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